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Italbangla Textile is a leading wholesale uniform supplier in Italy and in the world. The company produces and source some of the most useable working uniform and garment products. And we have owned one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh.

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We try to provide you best quality products as your demand. For this reason our worker is working at their level best. They give a effort to make a standard product that can make you beautiful and keep you happy. Here some product that are made by us.

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Connected to us are some of the modern material factories who make different quality fabrics. We can supply the item as per your requirements. Our principle objective is to give quality assurance as well as satisfy the customer's general interest.

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Chef Jacket
Chef Jacket

Readymade Uniform Supply

Italbanglatextile have endless service in creating and providing readymade dresses. Italbanglatextile have connected to many costumes making factories, where the best quality uniforms are made. Italbanglatextile is ready to supply you with factory-made uniforms through our site and shop. Italbanglatextile is very strict with qualitative standards because we are accustomed to producing world-class costumes. And the best quality textile engineer and fashion designer for quality control. Our goal is to provide the best quality clothing within the budget. We can offer you comfortable clothing.
Bulk Uniform Orders Supply
Bulk Uniform Orders Supply

Bulk Uniform Orders Supply

Since our site is made up of many factories or production houses, we are also able to supply you the best quality clothing to suit your needs. Italbanglatextile export world class products depending on your preferences, needs and budget. Our production houses are self-sufficient in all aspects. So if you want, you can meet any kind of demand. You don't have to worry about our quality, which is why it matters most to us. You can order us according to your demand. We are able to meet your needs.
Uniform Repairing
Uniform Repairing

Uniform Repairing

Italbanglatextile believes that something that doesn't work for you can definitely help someone else. So instead of wasting anything, we believe in recycle. So we are able to repair your damaged uniforms. That can be able to fill your need completely. It is an indispensable means of meeting your needs at low cost.  The production houses attached to our site make clothing in harmony with the weather of different countries. This production house produces clothing tailored to the weather of Italy. You can get the best quality clothing from this house too.



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