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Italbangla Textile is a leading wholesale uniform supplier in Italy and in the world. The company produces and source some of the most useable working uniform and garment products. And we have owned one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. Italbangla Textile today is working with some biggest clients of the world. The company has a rich history of 10 years in the textile business. Our company is dedicated to excellence in merchandising, product development, production and logistics. We have earned a reputation throughout the global apparel industry as one of the foremost factories in Bangladesh for our commitment to quality, timely delivery and total value. It all started with a garment company in 2009 in Bangladesh. Now Mr. Delower Hossain’s vision to break through in the textile industry and making Ital-Bangla Textile a leading wholesale uniform manufacturer in Italy. The business activities of Ital-Bangla Textile have been growing day by day under their energetic leadership. Thus, we became a pioneer in wholesale uniform manufacturing in Bangladesh and now I expand our business in Italy and all over the world. Also, Ital-Bangla Textile is very renowned for its wholesale uniform manufacturing in both Europe and America.

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