Jute Cotton Indoor Slipper


Cotton & Jute Front Open/Close Type 100% Biodegradable Disposable Hotel Slipper, Size: Free Size.

Custom Design Products Available for Bulk Order.


Product Description

Environmentally friendly slippers are becoming more and more important nowadays. We offer a selection of models made of natural as well as 100% Eco-friendly. Made of Pure natural cotton & Jute, Our slippers are biodegradable. Even for packing these slippers we also offer cotton fabric (without plastic) eco-friendly bags at an additional cost. We are constantly working on expanding our Sustainable products LINE for you.
Different from most other slippers, our slippers contain no plastics such as EVA or other synthetic foam. The slippers are particularly suitable for luxurious properties.
Cotton and Jute are 100% compostable materials and their disposal causes no harm to the environment. Each pair is entirely plastic-free and packaged in a kraft paper wrap ring.

Custom Design Products Available for Bulk Order.