Jute Products

Italbangla textile srls is one of the leading uniform and jute cotton products manufacturers in the country. We produce only premium quality products. We are wholesaler uniform and jute cotton products makers and exporters in Italy and around the globe. Our company produces mainly the most usable working uniform, garment products, and jute cotton products. We use the best facilities and resources for manufacturing garment products from Bangladesh. We are working with some of the biggest garment manufacturers in the world. We have a huge reputation and successful history in the global apparel industry due to our product quality, delivery time, and total value. We are growing our business day by day all across the globe and earning a huge reputation in uniform manufacturing using the resources from Bangladesh and exporting these to countries like Europe and America.

Importance of Jute Cotton Products:

Jute is one of the most versatile natural fibers available after cotton and also it is one of the most important materials in the replacement of fiber cotton. Jute cotton is the type of cotton yarn found from jute fiber. Various types of beautiful things including clothes, carpets, coverings, shopping bags, and gift bags are made from jute cotton. Jute fiber is the surface fiber found in the stem of the jute plant after maturation. It is the most important natural source of fiber available. The thread produced by jute fiber is strong and may be used for various purposes such as making a rope. As being a natural fiber So, it is bio-degradable and easily decomposes within a few days. It is the best replacement available for plastic bags and things made from plastics because plastic never decomposes and creates irritation to the environment. Jute products and byproducts are Eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, and re-sizable. Nowadays poly bags are creating hazardous effects on the environment and creating irritation to the ecosystem. It is high time to tackle the alarming situation by reducing pollution and removing the pollutants from nature. So, we can choose the natural alternative available.

Buying Guidelines:

You will get comfortable using these fiber-made jute cotton products like curtains and jute bags. As the curtains and bags are the lite weight you do not need any extra effort to carry them. The name JUCO bag does not limit its use in any other situations rather than traveling because you can use this as a travel bag say for example you are going to your neighbor’s place for a night stay you can put your comfortable clothes in this carry bags and whatever you need then put that bag in your car and just drive to that house. The bag is just 600gm of weight. You can easily carry it when you are done with necessary shopping from a nearby superstore. It has a nice handle attached to reduce difficulty in carrying the bag. You can also overload the bag and put it on your lap to carry it home. You can also use it as a laptop bag, document carrying bag, kitchen bag, fruit keeping bag, etc. As the jute bags are nicely shaped and very firmly sewn, they look very smart in appearance, it looks simple and stylish at the same time. So, all I can say is this product is of superb quality and I can guarantee you its durability, portability, and comfortability. It will increase confidence in you due to the simplicity that lies in its fiber. Jute cotton bags are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Jute fiber-made shopping bags are nicely coated with bio-disposable natural materials so to make them waterproof and weatherproof, they cannot absorb moisture from the environment. The thread is extra-durable due to the coating. The bag can tolerate tension, bending, scratching, and tearing. Rexin is used to cover the inner front side of the bag to cover the sewn caused by the frontal design of the bag. Feel free to contact us to buy jute-made natural shopping bags, laptop bags, carry bags, etc. Jute cotton curtains are also nice in look and feel and the design is crafted by the best professional workers in the jute product industry. So, these custom-designed curtains are the best in appearance.

Here, I’m giving you an idea about the best available products from our production house for you,

Description of Products:

Jute Bags:

A wide range of jute bags is available in our stores. We sell attractive jute handbags, jute tote bags, jute burlap bags, jute grocery bags, jute Christmas sack bags, printed jute bags, jute beach bags, custom jute hessian jute eco-bags, and branding tote bags. These jute bags are all beautiful and used well for aesthetic gratification, available in varied colors, shapes, and sizes to serve the purpose. These bags are all the way lite weight and comfortable to use.

Jute Cotton Curtains:

These are JUCO-made curtains available for custom design and supply according to the customer’s preferences. These curtains are made exclusively from 60% jute cotton blended with 40% jute fiber. The design is made possible by the professional designers out there in Bangladesh to give you an Asian-like vibe in Italy.

Jute Cotton Indoor Slipper:

These are JUCO-made indoor slippers available for custom design and supply in bulk according to customer preferences. These indoor slippers are made for use in a hotel room to ensure the best comfort. These are 100% bio-disposable. These indoor slipper made from JUCO is available in varied sizes and colors.

Jute Cotton Table Runner:

These are JUCO-made table runners available for customized design and supply in bulk in preferences of consumer’s order. These are for table use only and the designs are fantastic and give an Asian-like look and feel. These table runners are 100% bio-disposable and made exclusively from jute cotton blended with pure jute fiber in a proportion of (60% JUCO and 40% jute fiber).

Jute Wine Bags:

Jute wine bags are the most beautiful and aesthetic products available in this category. These are custom-designed bags available for order according to consumer preferences. It is available in varied sizes to carry small bottles to large ones. These bags look extremely nice both in colors and design.


  • JUCO products are well woven
  • Simple in design
  • Bio-degradable and recyclable
  • JUCO products are reusable and durable
  • Made from the best quality of jute fiber
  • Handcrafted with professional artists
  • Economical as compared to the fiber cotton
  • Less labor is required in production


  • Rats and cockroaches can cut the thread made from JUCO
  • Proper care should be kept in concern for maximum durability