Industrial Uniforms

Italbangla textile srls is one of the leading uniform manufacturers in the country. We produce only premium quality uniforms. We are wholesalers uniform makers and exporters in Italy and around the globe. Our company produces mainly the most usable working uniform and garment products. We use the best facilities and resources for manufacturing garment products from Bangladesh. We are working with some of the biggest garment manufacturers in the world. We have a huge reputation and successful history in the global apparel industry due to our product quality, delivery time, and total value. We are growing our business day by day all across the globe and earning a huge reputation in uniform manufacturing using the resources from Bangladesh and exporting these to countries like Europe and America.

Importance of Uniforms in Industry or Production Environments:

Uniforms have a key role in the production environment, it helps workers to achieve the toughest goal with utmost comfort. An Industrial or a production environment needs workers with the most efficiency in performance along with safety and mobility, clean and fresh attire in uniforms makes a great difference. These uniforms are crafted to keep safety, comfort, and flexibility in mind to handle the toughest conditions in the production environments or in an industrial setup. Industrial uniforms protect a worker from the unintended situation and add extra safety. Flexibility and comfort are two key factors in designing a worker uniform because they wear it for a longer period of time in some toughest conditions, and the freshness from the fabrics must add extra value to increase the confidence and grind out the productivity out.

Buying Guidelines:

We are well-reputed uniform manufacturers and exporters in Italy and across the globe, you can find the best quality industrial uniforms in our garments. You can view the available uniforms from our official website and you can order them as per requirements. Uniforms are available in various shapes and colors, to give you a wide array of choices. These uniforms are well crafted by the best professional craftsmen with a clear vision and passion to give you a nice look and feel. It will nicely fit with the shape of your body and ensure you the best comfort and ventilation from the premium fabrics we use as expected. It also ensures your bold and smart appearance and makes you more presentable with your formal gesture and posture. We use the best and well-tested fiber to make premium quality threads with care and supervision under our well-experienced professionals. These fabrics are soft, durable, bio-disposable, and Eco-friendly. It will never cause any irritations in direct contact with your body as we do not use dye with harmful chemicals. Our uniforms never emit any bad odors or pungent smells. Uniforms remain a standard in the industrial revolution So, designing these clothes in the proper manner is a must. Our fabrics feel lite in weight and simple in look to ensure a smart and bold look in you. Your personality will shine bright and reflect the inner you for the premium fabrics-made outfits you wear. It will give you the extra confidence and strength in you. Our uniforms add extra freshness to you, and people will admire you with the best in you. Our best quality uniform will make you feel polite and increase the classy behavior in you among others. In the production environment, people deal with dust and dirt uniforms protect their bodies from harmful dust and liquids. So, you can with no hesitation choose the best quality products available from our page. We can easily ensure you the less time required for shipping and availability as we have the best support and resources to use from Bangladesh.

Here, I’m giving you an idea about the best available products from our production house for you,

Description of Products:

Amsterdam tracksuit:

It is a very nice grey-colored tracksuit for you made from gabardine with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The central zip closure is covered. It contains a rear elastic waistband with two inside front pockets closed with a velcro stitch. Two breast pockets contain zippers for each and are covered by a flap and elastic cuffs. The shoulder and sleeves are orange in color a match with chest profile, shirt color contains an orange undercollar. This tracksuit is available in various sizes for you with grey shade.

Bahamas trousers:

Bahamas trousers are one of the best products in this category, it is a 100% pure cotton yarn-made trousers to ensure the best comfort in any environment and weather condition. It contains flap closure with zipper and button on the belt, two inside front pockets, 2 back welt pockets closed with flap and buttons, and two pockets with side gussets closed with flap and buttons. It has internal adjustable elastic on both sides. The fabric is flexible and comfortable and is available in various shades of color and sizes.

Belgrade suit:

Belgrade suit is a red-colored suit made from 100% unshrinkable cotton. It is designed with a central zipper closure with a rear plastic wristband that also contains a mandarin collar with a velcro, mouse white color on the chest. It contains two front patch pockets, and two breast patch pockets closed with zipping. It is also available in various sizes.

Berlin suit:

Berlin suit is a red-colored suit made from gabardine with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is covered with central zip closure, elasticated waist, front and rear yoke, and profile on yellow pockets. It also contains a mandarin collar closed with velcro, 2 front pockets and it has one welt pocket on the left chest closed with velcro and elastic on the wrists. It is available in various sizes.

Bib harness:

This uniform is available in two colors and is made from 100% unshrinkable cotton. It contains a flap closure with buttons and the side opening closed with a button, an elastic waistband, plastic buckles, two front pockets, one back pocket applied on the right to close with a button one applied pocket closed with a zipping, and a meter pocket.